Signature Styling | Spring Fashion Trends for 2017
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Spring Fashion Trends for 2017

Florals for spring?  No originality there, but wait.  This year they are bold, bright and all encompassing, with a head to toe splash of botanical happiness.

Taking a modern, up to date spin on what we have come to think of as spring florals, this season they are bold, just a little bit retro, and certainly eye catching.  With long skirts, ruffles and great billowing sleeves, think more jungle safari than garden party.


Shoulders are on show, laying bare to cut outs and off the shoulder tops, giving outfits the upper hand in sophisticated style.  Team this with another trend for the season, a hint of military khaki, and you will be joining designers as they meet this trend head on.

Adopt a tailored silhouette with your free flowing florals, with jackets and pants with wide matching belts.  Break up the bold floral patterns or wear it on its own for timeless neutral appeal.  A classic pair of cargo pants won’t go astray in your spring wardrobe, a look that can be dressed up or down to suit your destination.

Noni B
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