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Signature Styling

As a trained certified personal stylist Sheridan will help you unlock your own individual style, aiming to help you improve self esteem and generate confidence. She will show you how to create the ideal wardrobe for every occasion, while reflecting your personality, body shape and own signature style.

Wardrobe Review

Initially Sheridan will come to your home and provide a wardrobe assessment. Here she will advise you in what pieces to keep, what to remove and how you can mix and match existing pieces. By putting together outfits from your current collection, Sheridan will help guide you through the process of what suits your body shape and help highlight what works best for you. Being able to see yourself and your wardrobe differently and objectively, she will advise you on what pieces to add to create versatile and beautiful outfits.

Benefits of a Wardrobe Review:

  • feeling confident in selecting an outfit from your wardrobe, that is not only flattering for your body shape, but reflects your personality and style
  • saving money by knowing how to choose pieces from your wardrobe to create a variety of outfits

Personal Shopping

Meeting with Sheridan at a suitable shopping centre to try on clothing and accessories. Note, this is not a session for purchasing, however purchases can of course be made in stores on the day. This session is to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to shop and purchase at a later date when you are ready.

The advantages of a personal shop with Signature Styling include:

  • knowing exactly where to go and what will suit you; shopping will never feel like a daunting experience again.
  • feeling beautiful and confident in what you are wearing every day.
  • Signature Styling is not affiliated with any store or label
  • there is no obligation to make any purchases on the day
  • with Sheridan you will visit stores that suit your body shape, features, lifestyle, age and budget
  • shopping requires a minimum of 2 hours
  • perfect for special event shopping such as weddings, corporate functions, Spring Racing and evening occasions

Creating your Signature Style

What your styling session includes:

  • A total makeover service, combining both a Wardrobe Review and Personal Shopping experience
  • defining your style
  • focusing on body shape and colour consultation and how best to define and enhance your natural features

Service will require a minimum of two separate appointments.

Complete Signature Makeover

For the ultimate styling session, services include:

  • Makeup and hairstyling consultation
  • Wardrobe review
  • Personal Shopping experience

Complete makeover will require more than a single session.

Signature Makeup & Hair Consultation

Wanting to update your hair styling concepts and techniques? Wondering how makeup artists create the perfect looks? With Signature Makeup & Hair Consultation you can learn how to blow wave your hair like a professional, create the perfect beach waves and achieve a glamorous pinned up-style for evening. Paired with the right makeup, you will be ready to step out in style brimming with confidence at every occasion.

Having worked in the industry since 2002, Sheridan is a fully qualified, and highly experienced hair and makeup artist. She can offer expert advice on how to update and refresh your look, all in the privacy of your own home.

For women returning to the workforce, or for those wanting to move ahead in their careers, a hair and makeup consultation can give you the perfect edge. Also for women wanting to learn new techniques in applying makeup and hair styling, Sheridan can help you bring out your best. She will show you how to utilise your own makeup collection as well as demonstrating new looks with her own expansive kit. She can also advise on the right products to purchase if required.